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ATTENDEE PROFILE – New manager or pre-promotion managerial candidates.


There are many style types of personnel management. This session would focus on traditional management
styles, the company’s current managerial culture and job responsibilities, and their vision of expectations and objectives for their sales managers.

ASM employs a “Structured-Flex” philosophy in these types of activities.*


New manager or pre-promotion managerial candidates.

Course 1 » Motivation of employees styles based on understanding the individual motivations of the employee. Money is not a significant motivator. People respond to various rationales for continuing to do their work. The manager needs to understand their individual motivators by interest.

Course 2 » The effective pattern for coaching sales personnel prior to, during and after the sales call and the day. The annual review and PIP are outdated. They may still be required for corporate reasons. Every interaction in the field regarding a sales call presents the opportunity for the manager to coach the salesperson.

Course 3 » Effective team meetings that build on success rather than failure. This session focuses on how to find those that are ahead of the performance curve on a particular project and use those positive examples to challenge other members.

Course 4 » Personnel review policies and practices.

Course 5 »
Setting objectives based on sales probability and account priority. If the team is the sum of its parts, then properly assigning roles and goals is key to higher levels of accomplishment.

Course 6 » Time management and reporting mandates. Breaking the bad habits of desk bound days, low levels of actual training, and other similar issues are addressed in this course.


By standardizing the management style, sales people realize the company wide standards creates a higher level of commitment to employees, employees understand the role of the manager and how their coaching can improve their sales success.


Employees understand performance standards and managers understand employee current management needs and future career intentions. Employees show greater respect to each other in meetings.

* Structured-Flex allows for a flexible personal style while maintainingthe core company structures.