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ATTENDEE PROFILE – Supplier sales and marketing personnel.


The less you improvise the more you accomplish. The more you subtly expose your distributor to your professional approach the more likely you are to get them to adapt to your methodology.


Successful companies develop routine standards for work activity as they have learned that efficiency creates reliability and improves the focus on what matters. Keeping an SKU in a distributor is much asier than regaining the SKU THERE, considerably easier than searching for a new distributor.


Daily and weekly discipline – In regards to traveling and working in markets we need to maintain the determination to stay on schedule. The natural impulse if to chase after the next urgent thing or leapfrog ahead of the daily/weekly run, or, veer off your daily/weekly focus. These alterations are usually counter-productive. Deviations should be kept to a minimum.

In-Market Discipline – As you fine tune the rationale for visiting a market, you should also continue to fine tune you’re in-Market time by following a consistent patterns and processes.

One thing is paramount here and that is giving enough notice to your clients.

    • Market Visit – Most distributors have too many suppliers to pre-plan for your visit. Therefore, you need to tell them what you want to accomplish with an agenda sent two weeks in advance and a kind reminder one week out. The agenda can be driven by the data resources you have or those provided by your distributor.
    • Market Survey/Key Account Visit – Any market visit should involve visiting some resellers. The Market Survey is designed to inform both the distributor and yourself of the latest activity. This is also an opportunity to make key account sales. In either case having a compact geographical zone is key to making the most of your time. There is enough data in-house and online to determine the accounts and the zone.
    • Distributor Sales Presentations – This is one of the most poorly executed activity by most suppliers. The main reason for failure is presenting the wrong part of the brand identity and features to the wrong audience. This course will address the Three-Point approach to the presentation to sales teams.


less airport time, more focused business meetings, and more accounts seen on market visits.


If we estimate the total all-in compensation package for the average sales and or marketing employee at $180,000. The estimated days a person is in a market at 180 work days. Then a day’s activity costs $1,000. If efficiencies are improved 20%, the ROI on sales personnel is improved.