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ATTENDEE PROFILE – Salespeople who sell an on premise account clients


There are dozens of business plans for on premise accounts. This course focuses on accounts that feature an enhanced approach to wine, spirits or craft beers sales to consumers. These are accounts where purchase decisions are made on site or locally by group management.


Identifying the right products for an account.

  • Spirits – focus on accounts with extensive and, or eclectic cocktail programs
  • Wine – focus on accounts that offer 10 or more wines by the glass.
  • Beer – focus on accounts that offer 10 or more craft beers

These accounts are identified by online search tools, street signage, as well as onsite survey or merchandising and internal visual materials.

With the advent of the internet, more on premise marketing and impressions are done online. A quick search of Yelp, Zagat, Google etc can identify the more dominant or emerging accounts in their focus.

Reviewing an account on line can give you insights to what the management wants you to see (their website) and what they may not want you to see (consumer reviews). Most accounts are now posting their food menu and many are posting their drink menus.

You can learn something about an account by how the communicate to the public via push marketing tools such as con-stant contact. We recomend enrolling in the account’s email list.

However, most information about an account profile can be done on sight. Here you will see the most current menus, the arrangement of products for display and the power rack. Their tap handle system will also inform us of their approach to this sector. In some instances, custom non-alcoholic drinks (craft mocktails, independent cola products etc.) can give insights as well.


Pre-class sales people will be assigned to develop three profiles of current accounts and post-class they will be asked to improve on those three profiles.


sales people better understand their accounts tendencies and pre-qualify their new or expanded distribution presentations.


As salespeople become more aligned with the account’s needs and desires, the account will rely on the salesperson to help shape the products and services in the account. They also pre-plan new distribution for higher sell through.