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ATTENDEE PROFILE – All sales personnel


The less you improvise the more you accomplish. The more your retailer understands your routines the more likely it will get them to adapt to your methodology.

ASM employs a “Structured-Flex” philosophy in these types of activities.*


Successful companies develop routine standards for work activity as they have learned that efficiency creates reliability and improves the focus on what matters. Keeping a product in distribution is much easier than getting new distribution and considerably easier than regaining lost distribution.


Route discipline – In regards to driving to accounts we need to maintain the determination to stay on schedule. The natural impulse if to chase after the next urgent thing or leapfrog ahead of the daily run, or, veer off your daily run. These alterations are usually counter-productive. Deviations should be kept to a minimum.

In-store discipline – As you fine tune your routes you should also continue to fine tune your in-store time by following a routine.

  • Replenishment orders – Most retailers are pretty efficient at replenishment orders for high volume items and less efficient at replenishment of lower volume items. Keeping a product in distribution is much easier than getting new distribution of a product and considerably more difficult to regain lost distribution.
  • New item distribution – The next most important sale expected by your company is new distribution. The retailer expects you to present and ask for these orders. They also expect to get these presentations from all salespeople on a routine basis.You need to create an understanding of why there is a need for a new product in their store.
  • Merchandising presentations – Although often overlooked in a sales call, there needs to be an emphasis on
    merchandising products. Pricing, shelving, displays, cold boxes, signage and product demos fall into this category.

In simple terms we recommend you follow six steps on a call to maximize your success at these three tasks


less windshield time, waiting your turn and more consistent and comprehensive selling focus.


If an average order is $1,000. Up-selling creates a $1200 order. If route efficiency allows for one more account sales call from nine to ten, then the days results can improve from $9,000 to $12,000 daily.

* Structured-Flex allows for a flexible personal style while maintainingthe core company structures.