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ATTENDEE PROFILE – Salespeople with an on premise focus.


In many cases, sales people are calling on a limited number of accounts where there is no established business relation. The exception to that rule is the on premise channel where limited placements opportunities result in a higher level of unsold accounts. We will explore methods to cold call these accounts and focus on converting a cold call into a warm call.


The probability of getting a sale in a new account is very low. In terms of cold calling, the usual mode of operation is to call on the account and then discover the decision maker and arrange a meeting. That process may take many visits to an account due to their unpredictable schedule. A salesperson that adopts a process of networking and account research will convert the cold call to a warm call leading to more effective calls in shorter timelines.


Modern networking skills are key to understanding the existing influencers in the buying process.This includes using network tools like LinkedIn and industry associations.

Online networking is as simple as joining LinkedIn and developing contacts with restaurateurs, sommeliers and restaurant brokers etc. Networking could also be enhanced by following certain influencers like Sommeliers, and foodie groups via Instagram, Twitter or bloggers. Another option is to join trade associations like State or national restaurant associations.

Finding out more about buyers can happen by discussing trends and histories of the buyer with fellow operators. Where did the person work prior to the current position? Is the account part of a management group? What accounts may be opening in the near future?

Unsold accounts can be evaluated by their webpage, Yelp, Zagat etc. A visit to the account and evaluate the beverage menus, product placements, and food menus. This visit is recommended to take place when you are near the account during a disciplined route sales day.

Research an unsold account and create a list of tendencies and the decision makers. Create a professional LinkedIn profile and invite the trainer to connect with them.


increased success of actual sales over current levels to new accounts.


Salespeople have increased confidence in making sales calls on unsold accounts. They also become better salespeople in existing accounts.