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customized training and development courses for the beverage alcohol distributor network.


is on salespeople and managing salespeople to maximize their sales production.


will result in better trained salespeople who possess better prospecting and selling skills and thus improved revenue generation. Managers of salespeople will improve their skills in motivating, measuring and aligning their work and the work of their sales team members to higher levels of coordination with the company’s missions.

Training sales people is more than on boarding at hire and teaching new technologies as they come online at the company. Training is for all salespeople regardless of experience.

The Activated Sales Management courses are rooted in the current activities of the salesperson or manager. Participants are informed of their course work, assigned pre- and post-meeting activities related to their actual work. This means that the trainee is coming to a course that will help them do their job more effectively.

For example, most distributors ask their salesperson to maintain distribution, sell new distribution and sell merchandising methodology to an account. The success failure ratio is graded on a curve. The ranking threshold will not be very high if the majority of salespeople are not highly trained and the actual results may not even be sustainable.


A. The basic principles of selling a product or service

B. Evaluating retail stores for selling opportunities

C. Elements of pricing and selling feature pricing

D. Evaluating on premise accounts for selling opportunities

E. Techniques for converting cold calls to warm calls

F. Appreciation of the various cultures and business concerns of the decision makers

G. Successful work habits for work days and individual sales calls


A. Understanding different motivational profiles of salespeople

B. Techniques for effective training and direction during sales calls

C. Team meetings that improve performance

D. Setting objectives for the individuals of a team and the team as a whole

E. Successful personnel review policies and practices