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Here are some of the professionals that share insights into how they Activated results in their careers.

Sales Leadership ActivaterRich Mesnick  served for over 30 years as Director of Training for the E and J Gallo Winery.  He was instrumental in developing the courses and materials for distributor sales teams as well as a co-contributor to the development of the training materials for the winery field marketing training process. He is veteran of both ON and OFF premise and International sales groups. Affectionately known as “Coach” by those who have been on his team. Rich is also an editor on the ASM project.

Empowerment Activater – Tamara Fay’s career spans more than 20 years of excellence in management consulting, service industry management, human resources, training and facilitation. Tamara continues to evolve and expand her skills and services address the needs of her clients. Tamara can be reached at or at

Marketing Activater – Sonia Sharma, former regional trade sales marketing for Remy Martin and Deustch, currently in marketing role with Dell EMC.

“I experienced firsthand the concept of “team-leader-work-ship”. Kevin defined this mashup to demonstrate that we work as a team, we all have a certain role to lead, share the workload in order to ship product”.

Expression Activater – Rebecca Wilkie has over a decade of marketing, advertising and social media experience with beverage companies. Progressive experience in all facets of account management, marketing, advertising, sales, creative services,  Rebecca can be reached  or at

Motivation Activater – Monique Beraducci, former NY State Director of Sales for luxury wine brands, currently motivational instructor/coach at Soul City New York.

“Kevin coached me to reach higher for sales results and challenged me to motivate my team in a dynamic manner. As a former University of Tennessee track team member, he encouraged me to use my competitive nature to become a motivational leader trainer at Soul Cycle”.

On Premise Sales Activater – Marisa Wilich, former on premise sales team leader at Pernod Ricard, currently working for Spaulding Clinical Research.

“Kevin has exhibited building a team based with a winning attitude, based on seeking consensus, clearly identifying roles and responsibility, and most of all, actively training, coaching and motivating sales people in a firm yet positive mode”.